How to Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

A personal injury lawyer in New York City can help injured victims recover the compensation they deserve to cover their medical bills, lost wages and property damage. However, not all lawyers are created equal. The best way to find an attorney is to get a personal referral from someone who has been in the same situation as you. However, not everyone has the luxury of a friend or family member to make a recommendation.

When looking for a good Accident injury lawyer, consider how experienced the person is and what their track record of success is. Also, look at how well the lawyer communicates with their clients. A personal injury case can take a long time and it is important for the victim to feel that their lawyer cares about their case and keeps them updated regularly.

Another thing to look for is how the attorney works with insurance companies and how they have handled similar cases. A good lawyer will know what the best course of action is in each scenario and will negotiate accordingly. This will give the injured victim peace of mind that their lawyer is on their side and is able to handle each situation appropriately.

In addition, an experienced attorney will be able to level the playing field with deep-pocketed corporations and their lawyers. This is very valuable as it can make the difference between settling for what an insurance company’s computers say your claim is worth versus a fair settlement or even winning a trial.

One of the most important things that an accident injury lawyer can do for a client is to handle all of the communication with the insurance company. They can often avoid victims giving a recorded statement to the defendant’s insurance company which can be harmful to their case. It is not uncommon for the insurance adjusters to ask victims one-sided questions and when this information is transcribed into a written transcript it becomes difficult to defend against.

A good attorney will also help a victim understand their economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages are medical bills, lost income and property damage while non-economic damages are pain and suffering, disfigurement, emotional distress and loss of enjoyment of life. An experienced attorney will be able to determine which types of damages a victim is entitled to and will fight to ensure that they receive all the compensation that they are legally entitled to.

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