Amendeep Steel Centre

amardeep steel centreAmandeep Steel Centre is one of the leading importers and exporters of steel goods worldwide. They are known for their top quality and heavy duty machinery and products. The products of this company are entirely prepared by the quality conscious workmanship. Amandeep Steel Centre has proved itself as an important business partner of steel manufacturers all over the world since many years now.

“The products of amended steel centre are made of premium grade steel materials, sturdy and hard wearing. They have got an excellent track record in the business, which spans across almost all the verticals. This company’s range of industrial raw materials is versatile and exhaustive. They have got a very strong working relationship with a number of world class metal fabrication and welding companies. They are one of the leading importers of steel tubes, pipes, sheets, plates, fixtures, fittings, automatic parts, steels etc from all around the globe.”

“… During the course of the last few years, the Amardeep Steel Centre employees and associates have worked very hard to develop our capabilities in the area of welding technology. In this regard we have developed and enhanced our weld technologies, as a result of which our weld production capacity has increased dramatically…”

“… During the last few years, we have been very consistent in our efforts to expand our range of services. We have added a new service – welding process technology. What we have managed to achieve so far is that the weld process technology that we have managed to introduce is called ‘Rapid Shield’. This technology has got the ability to weld any type of material like pipes, sheets, plates and even light bulbs without any kind of surface preparation or blasting. This is very helpful when manufacturing goods that are required to be made very quickly. In fact, in this industry very often the products do not get through the assembly line on time because of the slow process technology.

“… During the course of the past few years, the amardeep steel centre has successfully introduced a new welding technology which is known as ‘Pre-ignition heat exchangers’. These heat exchangers play a vital role in the heating of industrial raw materials like steel bars and sheet metals. They do this by rapidly changing the temperature of the steel bars and sheet metals during their welding processes. This results in the cooling of the raw material and subsequent enhancement of the welds.

For an in-depth understanding of the concept of these heat exchangers, it would be essential to first have a look at the awardee steel centre’s products. As mentioned above we have introduced a whole new process called ‘Pre-ignition heat exchangers’ here in this industry. One of the main technologies used in this process is the ‘Pre-ignition Heating Distribution System’ here at the awardee steel centre. The amardeep centre uses four primary heat distribution systems for the purpose of heating the raw materials and subsequently melting the alloy bars or sheets. The heating distribution systems can be classified into the following:

This classification is done on the basis of the size of the units. Each class is designed to serve a specific customer need. The 4 segments of the distribution system can be used individually if you want to use the equipment for your own personal needs or you may also go for a complete set up where each class performs the same function. However, if you have a complete need for all the classifications then you can opt for a fully automated system where all the four segments of the process equipments are linked and perform the entire process of heating or melting in unison thus achieving better efficiency levels and at the same time reducing labour costs.

When we talk about the products used in the entire manufacturing process, we find a number of varieties here that have different uses. Some of them are as below: –

There is however a list of products which are manufactured in house by the Amendeep Steel Centre and are hence not available on their website. These include heat treatment fittings (which is another name for heat exchangers), pipe fitting and die crimpers, pipe wires, heat treating furnace room products, sheet metal repair tools, metal bowing tools, sheet metal bending tools and a whole lot more. One can even avail of the opportunity to customize the products using the provided design tools and file templates to meet their specific needs. Hence, the website is truly a helpful source for those looking to get in touch with a reliable company that offers a complete line up of its products and make sure that the steel fabrication work done by them is completed in the best possible manner.